Who We Are

Main Panel, Altar Window, St. Peter’s




St. Peter’s under construction, 1925

View of St. Peter’s in 1934


  • St. Peter’s was founded in 1923 by members of St. John’s Church in Boonton, recognizing the new developing community in neighboring Mountain Lakes.
  • Our stone structure is built in a Tudor revival design with overtones of the Arts and Crafts movement and sits majestically on a hill overlooking lakes, homes and schools, consecrated in 1926.
  • Rectory was purchased in 1960 on property adjacent to the Church. It is a historic Hapgood home with wide and welcoming front porch, formal living and dining room space, recently renovated kitchen, seven bedrooms and five bathrooms located in the three-story structure.
  • Parish hall and industrial kitchen were added in 1956 to provide greater space for expanding church needs.
  • Large stained class window installed in 1978 at rear of the church, now backlit, provides a magnificent visual presence throughout the community.
  • Dedication of Ronald R. Rowland Garth Memorial Garden in 1980.
  • Total renovations of the Altar Guild room and the organ in 2007, celebrated with a dedication for the new organ pipes and trumpets.

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Students enrolled
in first Sunday School class in 1923





Blessed souls
interred in
Memorial Garden


Preparing for a service


  • The Worship Committee ensures that all services are supported with ushers, acolytes, layreaders, chalice bearers, and music as required by the liturgy.
  • Altar Guild prepares the altar and beautifies the sanctuary as appropriate for the church season; maintaining their own budget, they are self-sustaining.
  • With a part-time Director of Music, the music program has been expanded to include Senior, Children’s and Cherub choirs, Bell choir, and a Special Needs Bell choir. Music Director has enhanced the choir voices with paid professional members. Organ was renovated and fitted with additional pipes and trumpets in 2007.

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Members of the
Altar Guild



28 Ranks
Number of Pipes/trumpets on recently upgraded organ



Chalice bearers,



  • Young people serve the parish in a variety of roles. All acolytes are young people who have been confirmed, in high school, with frequent visits from alumnae who also participate in holiday services.
  • Confirmands provide community service through work in local soup kitchens.
  • Choir participants include cherub and junior choirs.
  • Recent choir honoree was awarded an ‘organ’ scholarship at St. Bartholomew’s in New York City.
  • YES –Youth, Education, and Service committee formed to provide a base of activities to attract a full-time Youth Director.

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Number of Confirmands
in 2008



Youth Acolytes


Sunday School classes in session

Christian Education

  • Mission is to affirm Christian faith and learn together the meaning of living the covenant made during the Baptismal service.
  • Sunday school provides programs for preschool through seventh grade.
  • YES = Youth, Education, and Service
    Created in 2004 to expand existing programs providing a foundation of activities to attract a full-time Youth Director.
  • Adult Education centered on Rector-led Bible study, seasonal programs to provide spiritual enrichment.
  • Family service held first Sunday of each month focusing on young parishioners as the Ushers, Layreaders, Oblation bearers, and acolytes.
  • Year long confirmation program involving Rector, students, mentors and parents.

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Sunday school students in 2008




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